White Wizard
1999 White Thoroughbred Mare; 16hh
Aberlou (RL) x Our White Lady (RL)

Competing In Sport Horse at the Retired level

Sales History

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Created by Kaimel Stable


I could not pass up on the opportunity to own this stunning mare. She is one of the whitest mares I have seen. I had high hopes she would produce beautiful and talented foals for me.

Dressage: Second
Jumping: 4ft9
Hunter: 3ft6
Cross Country: 3 Miles
Eventing: Preliminary


100% Thoroughbred

Aberlou (RL) Case Law (RL) Ahonoora (RL)
Travesty (RL)
Casting Vote (RL) Monteverdi (RL)
Myras Best (RL)
Our White Lady (RL) Brazen Bay (RL) Biscay (RL)
Strathire (RL)
Moncharm (RL) Charlton (RL)
Comme Un Eclair (RL)

Foal Record

GenotypeReservesBreeding AvailabilityBreeding Restrictions
ee/Aa/nWoYesNot Available For: none
Pattern Linkage: e/n e/Wo

- 2003 & younger -

KS Bottle Rocket
ll 2003 Chestnut Veslander Mare ll Sired by Strahlemann
KS Glitz N Glamour
ll 2005 White Veslander Mare ll Sired by Blood Red Cadillac
KS Charming Alai
ll 2006 Chestnut Anglo Arabian Mare ll Sired by Hu Keshai
KS Quirky Lady
ll 2007 White Swedish Warmblood Mare ll Sired by Quirky Jaguar
KS Bexley
ll 2010 White (chestnut) Irish Sport Horse Mare ll Sired by Cathair Mor
KS Moon Dancer
ll 2012 Bay Thoroughbred Mare ll Sired by Dashing Fire
KS Flit The Switch
ll 2014 Chestnut Paint Mare ll Sired by SPF Dr Bug Leo
KS Morsmordre
ll 2017 Chestnut Dutch Warmblood Stallion ll Sired by Last Chance
KS Slitherin
ll 2018 White Anglo Arabian Stallion ll Sired by Sindher

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