About Kaimel

We've been actively showing and breeding sim horses since the summer of 2009. From the beginning we have focused on breeding quality Morgans with both athletic ability and color in a wide range of disciplines. Our stable has expanded over the years and now includes many breeds focusing in many differnt areas of western and english disciplines. We strive for the highest quality of horses that aren't just pretty to look at but are tough competition in the ring.

What’s Happening Around Kaimel

02.04.2014 // Custom foals and breedings are available. Please check out the link found in the Office or the Breedings Ads page at SAI for more info.
02.04.2014 // The majority of shows have been updated to pages. However the AHAC results still have not been added yet.

Foal Crop Information

- Expected date: 1st of January 2015
- List of expected foals (currently unavailable)
- List of broodmares available (currently unavailable)

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Important Dates

Official Shows
SKC Deadline: Not set
ASC Deadline: Feb. 20th
ASMHA Deadline: March 1st
ASMA Deadline: March 1st
SHA Deadline: Not set

Member Shows
ASMHA Deadline: Feb. 25th
ASMA Deadline: Feb. 25th
SHA Deadline: Feb. 25th